Sports Technology and Engineering : Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology and Engineering (STE 2014), December 8-9, 2014, Singapore book cover
1st Edition

Sports Technology and Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology and Engineering (STE 2014), December 8-9, 2014, Singapore

Edited By

Qi Luo

ISBN 9781138026988
Published May 6, 2015 by CRC Press
368 Pages

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Book Description

The 2014 Asia-Pacific Congress on Sports Technology and Engineering (STE 2014) was held in Singapore, December 8-9, 2014. STE2014 was a comprehensive conference focused on various aspects of advances in Sports Technology and Engineering. Topics covered by the contributions to this proceedings volume include but are not limited to Sports Science, Computer Science, Computer Science in Sports, and Sports Engineering.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Sports science
A comparative study on metabolic characteristics of partial skeletal muscle oxygen and gas exchange rates by near-infrared spectroscopy
A.-H. Wang
The study on physical education approach of public sports in fine art college
C. Zeng
The selection and combination of physical education teaching methods
N. Zhang
Management and use of the stadium
Y. Zhang & S.F. Yang
On the physical cultural connotation of the “Dachoulei” ritual of Shigong Ritual Dance of Zhuang and its characteristics
B.K. Dong & W.D. He
Study on the sports culture of Zhuang nationality interpreted from rock paintings of Hua Mountain in Ningming, Guangxi
B.K. Dong & W.D. He
A study of English numerals in the vague use
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
Motivations in English vocabulary and college English teaching
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
Strategies on improving oral English of non-English major students
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
English affixes and English vocabulary teaching
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
The analysis of gender differences in language use
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
Communicative competence theory and oral English testing
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
A study of motivations in English vocabulary
T.H. Wang & X.Y. Wang
Mass sport culture—an aesthetic approach
X.G. Zeng
Analysis on assessment results of physical self-satisfaction of different somatotype university students
H.Y. Wu
Applied research progress of functional movement screen: evaluation methods, reliability, standard
H. Liu, G.F. Jiao, H.Y. Wang & Y.T. Xie
The effect of long-term exercise on food intake and expression of BDN F in hypothalamus of Juvenile rats
H.Y. Wang, H. Liu, G.F. Jiao & Y.T. Xie
Traditional sports of she nationality and its value analysis
H. Lou & P. Liu
Research on occupation career planning of the college PE teacher
L.C. Niu & X. Lv
On the importance of college sports etiquette
L. Zhang
Effects of physical exercise on research on the subjective sense of well-being of the elder people
S.-X. Xing, T.-P. Zheng & L. Zhang
A study on professional football players’ family capital
Y.-J. Chen
Analysis and countermeasure for social sports instructor thought
J. Yan
Ice and snow tourism research to promote regional economic development
C.F. Wang
7-S model management in England football club
X.D. Qiu
The influence on adolescent physical development of physical education in Hebei province rural primary and middle schools
L. Guo & C. Yang
Design of outdoor sports culture theme hotel
J.P. Shu, X.Y. Wen & S.P. Fu
On application of “teaching” and “play” in the sports and health course
X.Y. Wen
Effect of functional training in chinese elite athletes before London Olympic Games
C. Luo, K. Liu, J. Yin & A.J. Liu
A comparative study of different intervention methods on protein expression of ER α in uterus of ovariectomized osteoporosis rats
T.Y. Han & S.M. Bu
Influential factors analysis of the world excellent men’s decathlon performances based on grey incidence analysis
C.M. Huang, F. He & W.H. Shen
The relationship between body balance and cognition of college students in different majors
Y.H. Wang, H.L. Zhu, C. Chen, W.S. Meng, X.J. Rong & K. Liu
The importance analysis of constructing self-protective skill training system for primary and secondary school’s students
Y. Shi, W.L. Ji, Y.Z. Fan, K. Liu & Y.Q. Zhang
Assessing the importance and deepening on the mental health in college physical education teaching
K. Zhang
mPFC ascorbic acid infusion modulate treadmill running ability of rats
L. Duan, Y.H. Wang, T.T. Su, Y.Q. Zhang & K. Liu
Effects of cheerleading on bone mineral density and bone metabolism in female college students
S.M. Bu, X.L. Duan & T.Y. Han
Functional movement screen evaluates sports injuries in Chinese elite fencing athletes
L.F. Zhou, L.Y. Sun, K. Liu, S.H. Wang & J. Yin
Functional movement screen evaluates lower extremity sports injury in Chinese national level gymnastic athletes
Y.S. Sun, Y.Z. Fan, X.Y. Kong, W.L. Ji, K. Liu & J. Yin
The experimental research of influence of outward bound training course in Chinese colleges on university students’ interpersonal relationship
Y.S. Sun, J.H. Zou, K. Liu & W.S. Wang
Relationship between functional movement screen score and physical performance of Chinese elite swimming athletes
Z. Yi, J. Yin, H.J. Li & K. Liu
Research on the effects, methods and means of 4-week strength training in the China men’s rugby team from the perspective of functional training
Y.Z. Chen, B.C. Han, Z.Z. Shen, S.S. Xu & L.F. Zhou
Study on characteristics of high-level competitive badminton singles in 2011 world badminton championships
B. Wang & H.-M. Li
Study on multi direction training content and load arrangement of Chinese hockey female players
N. Shi, K. Liu, H. Wu & J. Yin
Physical therapy strategic for ankle joint injury of Chinese gymnastics female player
D.X. Fan, W.S. Wang, Z. Yi, K. Liu & J. Yin
FMS and corrective exercise improve shoulder performance in Chinese weightlifting female athletes
S.X. Li, Z. Yi, K. Liu & J. Yin
Studies on physical teaching risk management and measures in Chinese colleges
D.-B. Zhao, Y.-S. Sun & X.-W. Sun
The investigation on the present situation of research training in Beijing
H.-L. Zhao
Rehabilitation of scapular muscle balance for subacromial impingement syndrome
L. Lu, Z. Yi, K. Liu, J. Zhou & J. Yin
Research on the characteristics of soccer players’ coping strategies in soccer games
J. Cui, G.H. Chen & T. Zhang
On the construction of faculty in colleges and universities and countermeasures
X.Z. Wang
Research on the development status and countermeasures of China’s sporting goods enterprises
S.J. Li
Evaluation of university students’ physique health and design of bodybuilding exercise prescription system
Y.J. Jiang
Handwritten numeral recognition algorithms and implementation based on the multifunction touch screen
Z. Hua, Y.X. Su, Y. Sun & X. Wang
Research of student physical condition and influence factors thereof in Jiangxi colleges
M. Men
An analysis on characteristic of public in badminton sports of Shaanxi province
J.-W. Wang
Higher vocational physical education status and reform measures
J.-M. Shao & L. Li

Section 2: Computer science
Design of touch screen infrared remote controller based on handwritten numeral recognition algorithm
Z. Hua, X. Wang & Y.X. Su
Cultivation of scientific research ability of foreign language teachers
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Promotion strategies of graduates’ information literacy
Y. Yang & H. Li
Study on definitions of human body words for the head in literal senses in bilingualized dictionaries
Y. Yang & H. Li
Multidimensional analysis of factors influencing Shandong province gymnastics reserve personnel training using SPSS software
Y.L. Hu, J.F. Liu & Z. Gong
Research on laser guiding instrument for industrial carrier robots
H. Chen
Countermeasures to improve the legal education with the computer information technology
Y. Ma & F. Xu
Research and application of mineral prediction method based on the grey clustering analysis
Y.-Y. Ma, J.-Z. Fan, X. Wang & Y.-Q. Yang
The teaching study of experiment in virtual instrument technology
Y.F. Fu, X. Gao & B. Cheng

Section 3: Computer Science in Sports
Advanced customization of Sports watch by suunto apps
J. Novotný
The application of computer technology in modern sports development
Y.Z. Zong & X.N. Yang
Research on access control and self-help payment management model of the natatorium based on dynamic calendar
H.L. Zhang, W.F. Zhong, S.P. Xie & J.W. Wang

Section 4: Sports Engineering
Study on strategies of network platform construction of college students’ physical health test
Y. Zhou
Research and application of blended learning model in college English
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
Investigation of Chinese learners’ satisfaction to definitions in bilingualized dictionaries
Y.L. Yang & H. Li
The research of ‘Chinese health Qigong-Wu Qin Xi’ effect on the body shape and constituent indexes of coed
Z.-H. Peng, N. Kang & X.-B. Li
Study on the current situation of library interior decoration in China based on literature metrology
L. Sun, C.-J. Fan & J.-L. Zhao
Several self invention, design and production of special technology and forces comprehensive training, which are specially used in competitive sports
Z.Y. Wang & H. Yang
Physiological comfort in garments for sport activities and its testing
L. Nagy, A. Havelka, S. Jandová & Z. Kůs

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