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eBooks for Individual Purchase

Routledge.com offers eBook purchase and rental options on select titles through our third party partner - VitalSource .

We happily continue to offer more than 100,000 titles in ebook format across all of our subjects including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Medicine, Science & Technology, and more - through most retailers and resellers:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple iBookstore
  • Google eBooks
  • Ebooks.com
  • Kobo
  • Nook (Barnes & Noble)
  • Waterstones
  • Mobipocket
  • VitalSource
  • CourseSmart

How to buy eBooks on Routledge.com

Buying Routledge.com eBooks is simple. We offer many different eBook formats and options that allow you to buy our books electronically.  

To purchase from Routeledge.com, search for the title, author, or ISBN in the search box on the homepage. Click on the book you wish to buy and see the product page. This page gives you information about the book and allows you to select the different options you want to purchase. We currently offer eBooks via VitalSource, an academic eBook provider. Once you buy on our website, follow these simple steps to access your eBook. 
Step 1: Open your confirmation email and copy the access code that has been sent to you
Step 2: Create an account, or if you already have one, then login to your Vitalsource’s Bookshelf Online Account
Step 3: Paste your access code into Bookshelf 
Step 4: Download the Bookshelf app to access your book offline.  

You can also buy Routledge eBooks directly from other book retailers and academic bookstores.  
If you have any questions about accessing eBooks and the available formats, please visit our eBook FAQs page.

VitalSource eBooks

We offer eBooks or electronic books that allow our customers to purchase books in a simple, quick, and sustainable format. Our books can be bought as ePubs. A cheaper alternative to print books, ePubs offer the flexibility to adjust the text size, giving you greater control of how to comfortably access the book. Our ePubs are available to rent or purchase and can be accessed on multiple devices online or offline. 
Our eBooks are delivered to you via a third-party application from VitalSource, called Bookshelf which is available on Android and iOS. The application allows you to download the book to your device, giving you lifetime access and enabling you to highlight text and even make notes. You can also rent the book, a cheaper alternative if you only want the book for a brief time. Our eBooks are available in an ePub format and can be accessed as soon as you receive your order confirmation email. 
Types of eBook formats 
At Routledge.com, we have partnered with VitalSource Bookshelf. Most of our eBooks are available as reflowable ePubs, which allow the reader to enlarge the text, change the background and text colour, and enable the book to adjust to the screen size on which you are reading the book. 

Reflowable eBooks might not suit some accessibility needs or if the content requires the page to remain fixed. In these cases, we can provide a fixed format ePub or PDF. Some of our textbooks include illustrations, formulae, or other data that may need to be fixed on the page. You can access your eBooks as fixed and reflowable formats and view them to read online and offline via the Bookshelf app.  

In addition, you can also print pages from your eBooks. Bookshelf for Mac and Windows offers a printing function which enables you to select a page range to print. The number of pages will vary for each book.  

You can also print in a browser by using Bookshelf Online.   

All of our eBooks are encrypted so that they can only be accessed within the Bookshelf app. We do not send eBooks as PDFs to your email address because this format is easily copied and pirated and does not protect the rights of our expert author community. As one of the leading global academic publishers, Routledge offers eBooks through other book retailers and academic stores. Please check with your preferred eBook retailer to find Routledge books in an electronic format that suits you.

eBook Features  

eBooks offer a fantastic way to access academic books on the go; they require no physical storage space, they save paper, making them a sustainable reading solution, and you get near-immediate access to your books. You can store multiple eBooks in your virtual library and build your collection of expert knowledge in your favourite subject areas.  

We offer eBooks to purchase and rent on our website. The eBooks must then be accessed through the Bookshelf which is available on Android and iOS, provided by our third-party partner VitalSource.  

Bookshelf offers a range of features to help make reading your book more enjoyable. Within the app, you can set Reader Preferences. This feature enables you to adjust the text size, change the font, adjust the text and background colours, change margin spacing and adjust the line-height. Bookshelf also includes features to help you annotate, cite, bookmark pages, highlight text and create flashcards to aid your learning. For more details on the reading features available, click here: Bookshelf – VitalSource Support